Retail Delivery 2018

June 16-June 18, 2018

La Jolla, CA

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Retail Delivery 2017 State of the Industry Report

"How do we compete with Amazon?" 
That's the number one question challenging retail industry executives, whether their focus is in logistics and supply chain or eCommerce and fulfillment. And rightfully so - the number of people visiting retail stores is down due to perceived convenience of online shopping, and Amazon is at the center of it all. Going to the store and waiting on that line seems like a hassle compared to the instant gratification Amazon provides from the comfort of your own couch. 

Brick and mortar retailers need to respond to this major shift in consumer behavior to keep up with, and hopefully get ahead of, the pace. But how do retailers achieve this without biting the bullet and slashing all their prices?

Gain insight on this question and more inside the Retail Delivery State of the Industry report! Download now. 

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