Retail Delivery 2018

June 16-June 18, 2018

La Jolla, CA

Contact Us: 1 (888) 482.6012

Is Retail Delivery Right For Me?

Retail Delivery is the perfect fit for supply chain and eCommerce professionals across top retailers in North America. If you want two days of solution-driven case studies, panels, and round tables that provide next steps for your fulfillment business plan, this is your premiere opportunity.

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Enhance Your Customer’s
Online Buying Experience

VP/Director Customer Experience / eCommerce / Omnichannel

Exceed the shipping expectations of your web customers with expanded fulfillment options and accurate forecasting.

Gain Visibility Throughout the Entire Shipping Process

VP/Director Supply Chain / Logistics / Operations

Seal the gaps in your delivery model by identifying potential pain points before they become a problem.

Set the New Shipping Standard

VP/Director Delivery / Distribution / Transportation

Optimize your delivery model on a local and regional level with an enhanced focus on last mile logistics and your trucking capacity.

Increase Customer Trust with
a No Empty Promises Policy

VP/Director Fulfillment / Inventory Management

Achieve accurate demand forecasting and product availability with proper analytics and technologies that fit your order needs.

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